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The Fragrances:

Cathy -- softly spicy carnation, playful heliotrope, bitter grapefruit, dark mahogany, a flash of fresh pink peppercorn and wild-gathered frankincense resin

Heathcliff -- peaty, smoky whiskey, rich pipe tobacco, bitter green cannabis, deep forest, ambroxan

Something Fierce -- ropes of black licorice, bitter orange, shards of caramelized sugar, earthy patchouli, cedar wood

Thrushcross Grange -- creamy pumpkin flesh & soft vanilla creme, caramelized sugar, a faded whisper of honeysuckle

Whisper Your Bitter Things -- pressed coffee beans, dried clove bud + cassia bark, jasmine and neroli blossoms, roasted vanilla pods

Wuthering Heights -- fresh pressed apple cider, oakwood beams smudged with smoke, tonka bean, white sage