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How could we make a Jane Austen collection without tea? We couldn’t! We are super excited to share our new teas from Vida Pour Tea. At the cutest tea shop, just blocks from Poesie headquarters, Vida Pour Tea owner and creator Sarah Chapman blends her loose leaf tea using carefully sourced organic, fair trade and gluten free ingredients. Always vegan, always cruelty free, and free of any artificial flavorings. Together, we came up with three special teas you are going to love!

Mrs. Darcy: ginger rose hibiscus rhubarb herbal tea

Warm and earthy with a hint of tart fruit, our Mrs. Darcy blend is a delicious, naturally caffeine free herbal tea. Each bag contains 15+ single servings of loose leaf tea.

This herbal blend is packed with vitamin c and filled with organic ingredients that are good for digestive health, lower inflammation, and boost immunity.

Ingredients: organic ginger, rose, hibiscus, hawthorne, rhubarb root

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Netherfield Loose Leaf Tea: marzipan raspberry peach vanilla rooibos tea

Fruity with a hint of natural sweetness, fragrant and slightly nutty, our Netherfield inspired tea has notes of marzipan, raspberry, peach, and vanilla in a delicious, naturally caffeine free rooibos tea. Each bag contains 15+ single servings of loose leaf tea.

Rooibos tea is rich in antioxidants, helps lower blood pressure, is low in tannins, and is naturally caffeine free.

Ingredients: organic rooibos, natural vanilla and almond flavor, pieces of apples, apricots, and raspberries, hibiscus

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Twice to Tea: lavender vanilla earl grey tea

A hint of lavender is perfectly balanced by vanilla in a delicious, Earl Grey tea. Each bag contains 15+ single servings of loose leaf tea.

Earl Grey tea is a black tea blend which has been flavored with the addition of bergamot, a member of the citrus family. Although it’s named after Earl Charles Grey, a British prime minister, it originated in China. Lore has it that the flavored tea was a gift to the prime minister from a Chinese mandarin in thanks for opening up tea trade routes.

Ingredients: organic lavender, black tea, vanilla, bergamot, orange peel, blue cornflower petals.

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