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The Miss Behave collection was inspired by the kind of women you want on your side, the kind of women you want to be. So, find your inspiration. Be bold. Be brave. And whatever you do, misbehave.

Tomoe Gozen

Release your inner warrior

Legendary warrior Tomoe Gozen was a woman and a samurai. In fact, a samurai who out-samurai-ed all the other samurai. She led over a thousand men, she collected at least seven heads as trophies, and in her last recorded battle, she rode into a group of thirty enemies, grabbed their leader and ripped his head off with her bare hands.

Wear this when you want to rip your enemies to shreds.


Get ready to rule your empire

History would have us believe that all powerful women only ever achieved anything through sexy sextimes, and Cleopatra is no exception. Of course, she did have sexy sextimes - with two of the most powerful men in Rome. She was also a highly intelligent woman who spoke a dozen languages, and not only successfully grabbed the throne despite the efforts of her brother, she maintained peace, prosperity, and independence from Rome in her crumbling dynasty during her brief rule of Egypt, despite the odds.


Jane Austen

Take your place in the literary pantheon

Since she first introduced the world to feisty heroine Lizzie Bennet and the dashing Mr. Darcy, Jane Austen has made her mark on literary history and inspired women around the world. She was honored in the Great Procession by suffragettes in 1908 and in 2017 she became the only woman apart from the Queen to feature on an English bank note. We have a feeling in another 200 years, Lizzie and Darcy will still be beloved by all. As they should.

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Charlotte Brontë

Dare to defy convention

What passions raged behind the quiet facade? Hidden away in an isolated stone house on the lonely moors and obscured by her nom de plume, she was neither Currer Bell nor the unassuming vicar’s daughter. She made herself invisible but poured out her flaming heart onto the pages that have resonated through centuries. 

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Artemisia Gentileschi

Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum,

Born in Rome in 1593, Italian Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi transcended her time despite the efforts of men in power who sought to keep her down. She fought for every bit of the recognition that she received, proving that the only thing greater than her talent was her spirit.


Georgia O’Keeffe

Follow your own vision

Georgia O’Keeffe rejected the feminist and sexual interpretations of her work. She chose instead to focus on her own vision, starting with oversized flowers that won her fame to the now iconic works inspired by the American Southwest. She said, “to create one’s world in any of the arts takes real courage.” Her courage led her to create over 2000 works of art and made her the mother of Modernism.

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Mokarrameh Ghanbari

Get there by any means possible

Not to be stopped by a forced marriage, lack of education, or societal disapproval, at the age of 64 Mokarrameh Ghanbari picked up a paintbrush and never looked back. When she didn’t have paper, her work found its way onto the walls of her home, her stove, and the backs of discarded wallpaper. Today she has been called the Picasso of Iran and her small home is a museum with delightful figures peering from every corner.