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Enter the icy world of Vikings and Norse mythology. Breathe in the cold, crisp air. Feel the splash of the North Sea. Warm yourself by a roaring wood fire and let a draught of honey-sweet mead flood your senses and heat your blood. This winter, we travel back in time and to another place where gods and giants walked among men.

Available November 17.

The Notes

A Day & A Night - sweet amber, white amber, natural fossilized amber oil, sensual musk, vanilla, dark spices & resins

Beloved -- sugared plums, sumptuous brown sugar cake dusted with cinnamon sugar, a hint of woodsmoke and labdanum

Forest Cat -- fuzzy paws tinged with earth, night forest, grey fur musk, milky breath

Idunn’s Apples -- golden apples, caramelized hazelnuts, sweet cedarwood, hazy oud, creamy musk

Mead of Poets -- honeyed mead, a historical medley of intoxicating herbs and spices, red musk, the blood of the wise

Mischief Maker -- Notes: black coffee clouded with sweet cream then drizzled with caramel, naked salt-tinged skin

Northmen -- weathered leather, turbulent seawater, woodsmoke, richly carved oakwood, birch tar, a blood-stained shield

Shield-Maiden  -- pink rose, peony, sharpened metal, crisp air, deep pine woods and frozen earth

Thought & Memory -- fresh herbal lavender spiked with anise & cardamom, deep vetiver, galbanum, green leather, balsamic woods