Poesie Perfume

Eclectic and charming adventures in fragrance


Our layering collection features four fragrances you can explore for endless combinations. Wear them together, with your other Poesie scents, or wear them alone. Layering notes are a fun way to highlight different aspects of a scent or change it into something new. Make a unique perfume even more unique and all your own! Follow us on social media for our favorite combinations and ways to create your own unique scent using layers. 

Fresh - a mouth-watering melange of citrus to add brightness & zest

Juicy - a crisp blend of red apple, pomegranate, & berries to add sweetness & sparkle

Lush - a heavenly gardenia soliflore evocative of a freshly picked bloom

Patina - an elegant, refined patchouli to add depth and an intoxicating woody note to any blend