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Miss, Behave!

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“Well-behaved women seldom make history” -- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Inspiration for a new fragrance can come from anywhere, and it’s always fun to delve into the rabbit hole once I’ve come up with a source for a new collection. Our new Miss Behave Collection feels particularly apropos, and reading about the bold and brave women of history is a brilliant reminder that we, too, can fight battles against injustice. Whether it was through a deceptively simple act like challenging social mores, or through - oh, you know -- an actual battle involving swords and samurai, some mighty women have gone before us. We can follow in their footsteps. And we’re going to smell amazing while we do.

Discover Your Perfect Spring Fragrance

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As the seasons shift, our cravings shift with them. The landscape dotted with pink buds and tender green shoots inspires a change not only in how we dress but also in how we eat, and even in what fragrances we want enveloping us. We reach for scents that reflect our surroundings, but they should still reflect personal taste.

For lovers of floral perfumes, there is an embarrassment of riches when winter ebbs and flowers open to the sun. With such an abundance of choice, it can be overwhelming to choose. To find the right floral for you, consider the floral notes you know you love, and look to similar notes.

If you like heady, narcotic floral notes, look for fragrances that put the spotlight on jasmine, orange blossom, gardenia and tuberose. Our favorite white florals for spring are Bishop’s Blonde and Sans Merci.

Are you a rose lover? Reach for not only roses, but also geranium, peony, cyclamen, and sweet pea. If you love rose, you might love Imperiled Maiden, La Jeunesse, and Midnight Revel.

If you like spicy florals, carnations are the flower for you! You also might like peppery freesia, lily, and ylang ylang centered scents. Helena is a spicy green scent featuring a heart of freesia, and beautiful for spring.

If you love powdery florals, look for notes of violet, iris, mimosa, and heliotrope. Two fragrances featuring violet are Dolley Madison and The Aviation.

Do you prefer fresh, clean smelling florals? Search for floral scents that include green notes, like lily of the valley and hyacinth. Our favorite fresh floral is Circe.

Of course spring is not just for lovers of floral-centric perfume. What if you crave something else? Maybe you don’t like florals or you prefer them blended with other notes. There are still many choices that fit the season perfectly.

If you like earthy notes, look to geosmin, patchouli, and vetiver, which echo the awakening of nature. Whether alone or paired with floral notes, these elements bring a freshness evocative of walking in a forest after the rain, or sinking your hands into the rich dirt of a garden. If you love earthy notes, you might like Laura and Strange Little Girl.

Do you prefer fresh notes?  Seek out citrus and lavender notes, which play well with florals, but also pair beautifully with white musk, the scent of foliage, or vanilla for the season. For the citrus lover, we recommend Aurora and Blue Murder. If you’re looking for lavender, check out Buttoned Down, Just Like Heaven, and Rêve de Neige.

For the gourmand aficionado, things stay sweet but  lighten up, moving away from amber to join with florals, fruits, earthy, or brighter notes. Musky gourmand notes like honey and black tea are perfect for spring. If you’re seeking a spring gourmand, you might enjoy Âme Solitaire, Fainting Spell, and Innocence.

Whatever you love in a fragrance, you can find a scent that fits the season -- and you. Not sure what you like? Check out our spring fragrance personality quiz, and learn which spring fragrance notes fit your personality!