7 Things We Should Be Smelling Instead of Pumpkin Spice. (Let's Give It a Rest Already!)

Joelle Nealy
7 Things We Should Be Smelling Instead of Pumpkin Spice

We don’t have anything against pumpkins, and we definitely don’t have anything against spice. We just think there are other scents that deserve the spotlight this season. So, in no particular order, our nominees for the next big fall thing.

Wood Fire Smoke Fall Smells

Who doesn’t love the smoky wood-fire smell that lingers on your clothes after a fall bonfire? Even people who don’t actually want to go outdoors love that smell! Smoke offers a darker take on fall, and pairs well with almost everything. Whether you like a spoopy, witchy take on it or you like it paired with marshmallows and candied apples, smoke is a fall must-have.

Wood Fall Smells

Woody notes don’t really have a season - they’re great year-round, but especially perfect for fall when air takes on that delicious chill. Encompassing everything from sweet, creamy oak to dry, clean cedar to warm, exotic sandalwood, there’s  a woody note that’s perfect for you whether your take on fall is a long forest hike or a cozy session on the couch with a good book.

By Pink Sherbet Photography from USA - Free dirty distressed scratched leather texture for layers creative commons, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37312329

Hey, we’re against animal-cruelty, too! We love nothing better than our fuzzy friends (and all those other friends who are also animals but not fuzzy, obvs). Of course, when we say “leather” we mean “vegan leather notes in perfume.” And now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s just admit that there’s something about that animalic warmth that makes you want to roll around in it.

Oh, is that just me?? Okay...moving on.

Toasted Marshmallow Fall Scent

You didn’t think we were going to leave you gourmand lovers out in the cold, did you? Marshmallow may not be the most revolutionary fall note, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect. Fluffy, toasted, pink, whipped into buttercream, we’ll take marshmallow any way we can get it. It reminds us of campfires and Halloween treats, two of our favorite things about fall!

Dried Leaves Fall Scent

Much harder to find than the ubiquitous marshmallow, dried leaves are simultaneously sweet and earthy. Slightly caramellic but also reminiscent of hay, and the most quintessentially autumn smell there is. Even if you don’t get a true fall -- you know who you are -- you can have it in perfume form and dream of kicking a big pile of crisp, dry leaves and feeling like a kid again.

Rain Fall Scent

The smell of a rainstorm - petrichor, ozone, wet foliage - taps into one of the most primal sensory moments of the human experience. Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the storm from the cozy confines of your home; snuggle up, listen to the sound of the rain -- and smell it, too. It’s the perfect excuse to stay in.


Black Tea Fall Scent

This may be a controversial choice in a world that runs on joe, but we stand by it. Or sit by it, really. Preferably in a comfy chair. Other people can run around all jolted up on caffeine, we love the soothing ritual of brewing a cuppa. With a splash of cream or not, sweetened or not, dressed up with bergamot or not, we love tea and all its potential as a fragrance note. It can bring floralcy, smokiness, a hint of spice...so how do you take yours?