New Paleta Collection for Summer 2017

Joelle Nealy

Collaborating with another maker is super energizing and just plain fun. After our many chats about perfume making and indie ownership (also: bunnies, candy, and veganism) collabing with Nicole of Indie Beautique was a natural next step. I had put “paleta collection” somewhere on my extensive list of possible future collections, somehow Nicole had the brilliant idea to make wax melts shaped like tiny popsicles...and there it was! With her Miami Cuban heritage and my childhood spent in Brazil, a collection of Latin inspired fragrances was quick to follow and Nicole transformed them into adorable soy wax paleta-shaped melts.

Bailar (Dance) - Pineapple & Dulce de Leche

A sweet, creamy caramel enrobes juicy morsels of fresh pineapple. Luscious, rich, and a little bit sinful.

Celebrar (Celebrate)- Key Lime Pie

Sweetened condensed milk and zesty lime are folded together into a luscious but fresh blend, then wrapped in buttery graham cracker crumbs.

Disfrutar (Enjoy) - Peach Mango

Juicy, nectarous peach is paired with tropical, sweet mango in a heavenly combination of lush sweetness and succulent flesh.

Endulzar (Sweeten) - Guava y Queso

(Fragrance by Nicole) Guava and cheese is a classic Cuban treat – often found in puff pastries but also eaten on their own. Thick, sticky and sweet guava paste marries impeccably with the delectable, fatty, slightly sour flavor of cream cheese.

Florecer (Bloom) - Jamaica Rosewater

A sweet-tart infusion of ruby red hibiscus calyxes is scented with a hint of rosewater. Light and refreshing, its unique notes are both floral and mouthwatering.

Refrescar (Refresh) - Blackberry Mojito

Crushed ripe blackberries swim in a delicious Cuban cocktail of lime, mint, and rum.

Saborear (Savor)  - Horchata

Milky and lightly sweet horchata is blended from rice and almonds into a creamy, delicious elixir and infused with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla.

You can find these 1.5 oz soy wax melts on Indie Beautique for $5.50. And we know you'll be tempted, but please don’t eat them!