9 Secrets of Layering Fragrance

Joelle Nealy

Layering fragrances is a fun way to create your own unique scent. You can change things up depending on your mood or the season, highlight a particular note, or elevate a perfume you don’t love on its own. It’s like a choose your own adventure for your nose!

 Selecting Your Scents

  •  Scents that are in the same fragrance family are usually easiest to blend. You can also choose perfumes that share a note or two; for example, Damn Fine and Codename Madeleine both feature cardamom and smell delectable together.
  •  If you’re not sure, test the combination on strips of paper or cotton buds before you put it on your skin. Hold the testers together and waft them in front of your nose to see if you’ve created a masterpiece or if you should start over.
  •  Try varying the ratios to get the perfect blend. If you’re layering a strong, heavy fragrance with a lighter one, you may need to use a  1:2 instead of 1:1 ratio.

 Applying the Scents

  •  Everyone has their own way of wearing multiple fragrances - find what works for you!  We prefer applying the drops of oil side by side or to different parts of the body (or even hair). You can also try applying one scent, letting it dry, and then applying the next scent -- just make sure the first one is completely dry before you apply the next.
  •  Another easy way to create a blend is to use a lotion in one scent with a different perfume oil.  More subtle than a combination of oils, this is a pretty reliable method and great if you’re unsure about layering.
  •  Once you find a blend you adore, you might want to decant to a separate bottle for straightforward everyday application.. The easiest way to do that is with a pipette or dropper so that you don’t lose any of your precious fragrance.

 What Not To Do

  •  Don’t rub - it breaks down the top notes, which are the first part of the perfume that you smell and the first to evaporate. Try gently pressing your wrists together instead of rubbing. (This is true whether or not you’re layering!)
  •  Don’t use too much - you want to use about the same amount combined as you would use of a single fragrance.
  • Don’t cross-contaminate your bottles when applying fragrance or your original fragrances may never smell quite the same. Apply your fragrance to clean, dry skin to avoid mingling the scents in the bottles.

 Above all, remember that the whole point of layering is to have fun with it and make it your own. Experiment, and don’t be afraid to try unexpected combinations! Whether you love layering or are new to it, don’t miss our Illuminate collection which makes layering easy with a selection of simple single-note fragrances. We’ll be sharing lots of layering ideas on social media, and would love to hear about your favorite combinations, so follow and tag us!